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"Although this album [Lessons Learned] is deeply rooted in jazz, the music crosses genre boundaries. There are many rock, soul and jazz-rock elements that bow to the greats of fusion. I don’t think Baron Arnold has to prove anything to anyone anymore and can just play his own music. An excellent album - great music, brilliant playing of all band members and at the same time an ambitious intellectual adventure!"
- Jacek Brun of

Trombonist, composer, and Voigt Brass endorsing artist Baron Arnold fuses contemporary European elements with an already well-informed notion of American jazz and soul. Whether performing with his own groups or working as an in-demand session musician, Baron’s impact has proven strong and enduring on audiences throughout the world.


Immersed in music from a young age and performing professionally in the Bay Area as a teenager, Baron went on to study at Oberlin Conservatory, where he had the privilege of studying with world-renowned jazz musicians Robin Eubanks, Gary Bartz and Billy Hart, among others. After graduating from Oberlin, Baron moved to Berlin to attend the Jazz Institute Berlin, the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen (DK), and the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam, where he participated in the EUJAM program and received his Masters Degree.  Since first moving to Berlin, Germany in 2013, Baron has had the unique privilege to work with world renowned artists from nearly every musical genre imaginable. His debut self-published quintet album Lessons Learned can be heard on all major streaming platforms featuring Igor Osypov, Joschka Osska, Matt Adomeit and Elé Salif Howell.


In 2023, Baron formed a new group CODE SWITCH - a revamped version of the ensemble from his debut album. The band’s high-energy grooves and irresistible melodies carry the group’s sound, which straddles the fringes of rock, electronic and hip-hop with strong influences from the African diaspora. To bring new life into the ensemble, Baron invited virtuoso electric bassist Niklas Lukassen along with singer and producer Sera Kalo to complete the band: now CODE SWITCH.

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